Maine Coon Cats.

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We are a home-based cattery, situated in the north east of  England. Our aim is

to breed healthy Maine Coons, of good type and with excellent temperaments.

Maine Coons are large cats, who are deservedly called ‘gentle giants’.   They mature slowly,

taking up to four years to be fully developed.  Their laid back temperament and robust nature

make them ideal family pets.

This is Annis, who achieved International Champion status

at the age of 1year and 8 months in straight shows.

……and Jaxine, who was Best in show at her first FIFe International show,

and who is now a TICA Quadruple Grand Champion.


Kittens for pet, show or breeding are occasionally available to loving permanent homes.


 Our premises are veterinary inspected .


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                E.mail   :   Please include your surname and address with telephone number.

Or telephone us :  01207 507744



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